Invitation to support an idea of creating of new "American Museum of Russian Culture"

The project was initiated by Dr. Uli Zislin, Collector, Songwriter.

This project will be based on Dr. Zislin’s collections of poetry, music, philosophy, architecture and theater,

currently presented at the Washington Museum of Russian Poetry & Music

 * * *

IDEA of the project

Reorganization of


in rental life flat (Rockville, Veirs Mill Rd.)

founded 1997, visitors are welcome by appointment

 Founder, Curator, Collector, Songwriter, Singer

Dr. ULI  ZISLIN,   1-301/942-2728




Composition of new Museum must be in English,

be enticed, fascinated, cognizable, up today.

The Museum has to make a series of thematic literary and musical performances,

exhibitions, films and shows.

In “An American Museum of Russian Culture” Russian literature, Poetry, Music, Ballet, Theatre, Movie, Folk, portraits will be together. It is unique situation.

Same Museum is nowhere in world.

Just in Russian each museum has for one aspect of Culture only: or Literature, or Music, or Theatre, or Movie, or Art (for example, applied art).

In our  new Museum in  all aspects will be together with their history and significant improvements. 

Russian Culture is Great Culture in World.    It is fantastic!

 * * * 

 Dear Friends,

We are seeking support for expansion of an exciting project—American Museum of Full Russian Culture.

Originally based on private collections of an enthusiast, a poet and singer from Moscow Uli Zislin, this unique museum is already functional and growing. It contains versatile memorabilia, artifacts, audio and video materials, and rare documents dedicated to famous Russian poets and composers from Pushkin and Lermontov to Tsvetaeva and Mandelstam, from Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff to Prokofiev and Shostakovich, and additionally a collection of musical/literary records authored by the museum founder. Augmented by many donations, the Museum exposition has been constantly growing.

A tour of the Museum is free, by appointment. The museum founder runs a program to introduce visitors to the collection and make them hear, feel, and watch shining glimpses of the Russian culture. The Museum has already become famous, attracting visitors from across the US and many other countries. It has served a source of many initiatives including celebrations dedicated to Tsvetayeva’s anniversary in many US states and a few other countries, organization of a large Russian department in the Washington Public Library, foundation of a Memorial Alley and Meadow dedicated to famous Russian composers and poets, and more.

With more support and a formal affiliation, an American Museum of Russian Culture could serve an even wider audience, becoming a gateway to anyone who is interested in the treasures of the rich Russian cultural tradition, a true conductor of the Russian culture on the American Land.

You can find out more by visiting

Please contact the Museum founder Uli Zislin      301 942 2728

 * * *

    Proposed Museum Structure. The museum will have the following sections:

·        Russian Literature and Poetry;

·        Philosophy and Religion;

·        Music, Musical Instruments, Opera, Ballet, Chamber Music

·        Drama theater; 

·        Folklore, including Russian folk and fairy tales with displays of books, painting, and sculptures of the folk/fairy takes characters (with some sculptures located outside the main building at  a special children’s playground);

·        Cinematography;

·        Portrait art with main emphasis on graphics as well as the sculptures of the major figures of Russian culture (small space and depending on the expositions);

·        Museums and the cities with the highest cultural representations (small space and depending on the expositions). 


* * *