About The Founder and Curator of The Washington Museum of Russian Poetry and Music



Dr. Uli Zislin was born in Moscow and came to the USA in 1996. In 1997, he founded the museum in the Greater Washington area and opened it to visitors.

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What Others say about Dr.Uli Zislin

Prof. Vladimir Zak, New York: "...Composer and performer - Uli Zislin - found his way to strengthen the union of music and word. For many years he has been enlightening others and bringing the great Russian poetry into their hearts."

Larisa Gumerova, poet, writer, Baltimore: "...We were completely taken aback by Uli, his voice, his museum, … the atmosphere of the Silver age that he can so gallantly recreate and so generously gift..."

Margarita Mescherskaya-Tsvetaeva,translator, the eldest grand-daughter of Anastasia Tsvetaeva (San Francisco): "Thanks to carrying and kind Uli Zislin for his tender melodies, for his understanding of music’s gentleness, for his touching timbre. Lyric poetry follows a melody, and melody will not distort the poem’s rhythm."

Olga Trukhacheva-Tsvetaeva, business woman, the youngest granddaughter of Anastasia Tsvetaeva (Moscow, Russia): "Dear Uli Zislin, You sang and continue to sing your song within the laws of harmony… Your work has a large contribution to the remembrance of eternity."